About Us

281083_4956021025203_1169114647_oThe Board Members of Ignite the Spirit would like for you to be familiar with and understand the countless efforts that our Foundation represents; community involvement, assisting our brothers and sisters of the Chicago Fire Department and having the passion for making a difference. 123

We have just started a Food From the Heart. This is a dinner delivered to a CFD family that may have suffered a recent illness or injury. Please visit our page for Food From the Heart to learn how we Deliver Kindness in a Meal, to firefighters and paramedics on the CFD.

Ignite the Spirit began in 2003 when a meeting of the minds came together to create an organization that would help others in need; our brothers and sisters on the job that have fallen victim to life’s unjust hardships. Those of you that are familiar with Ignite the Spirit and its mission have already known the numerous times we’ve been there when needed. There are several members in the department that have received assistance from us; many heartbreaking stories we cannot tell. Not only do we respect each other’s privacy, we also respect each other’s pride. Perhaps our pride as men and women on the job is what keeps Ignite the Spirit in the shadows for many of you. If you’ve known a family that needed us and didn’t know where to turn, you’ve seen the effects of Ignite the Spirit and how proud it makes someone to be a member of the Chicago Fire Department. The support we have given has been significant; the overwhelming amount of gratitude given back is priceless. The feelings are similar to witnessing the birth of a child – Awestruck and speechless. Have you ever walked into a stranger’s house, handed them a check, said a few kind words, a hug ensuring things will get better and just leave? We have. Daily. Ignite the Spirit continues on without fanfare every day and lives true by the slogan, “We’re HERE When You Need Us”.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Ignite the Spirit. We want the families we’ve helped to share their stories. Your support in spreading the word of our Foundation and the extent of assistance that we’ve given, is our priority. Ignite the Spirit has the potential to be great, and SHOULD be great – we all need a little help when life throws you a curve ball. We want to be in a position to offer immediate assistance. Receiving a call in the afternoon guarantees a visit to your home that evening. Who else would make such an effort? Or care to? Ignite the Spirit does.

As always, we appreciate your encouragement and continued support. Your support is our success! Thank You for Supporting our Firefighter Charity, and attending our Firefighter Fundraisers. Please take a moment and visit our online store by clicking here.