Talon Joynt, Firefighter/ EMT in Training

At nine years old, Talon is a second degree black belt with Bill Cho Taekwondo in Sycamore, IL.  He plays on a hockey team at the Leafs Center in Gilberts, IL, and is currently mastering his CPR skills and managing his YouTube channel he created called "Firefighting with Talon".  He has toured over 100 fire stations from California to South Korea, but will always feel that Station 42 in Chicago is his home. The firefighters he has met over the last 6 years are heroes to him and the respect and admiration he has for them at such a young age is amazing. He listens to their stories, he takes in every word, he gets why they do what they do and he understands how much they sacrifice. He has so much respect for these men and women. They are literally whom he wants to be.

Like the firefighters he looks up to, Talon has run al 80 floors of the AON Center in Chicago in his firefighter turnout gear; raising $1310.00 for Lurie Children's Hospital. He set up a tent at his Taekwondo School and sold his toys to raise

money for Ignite the Spirit, where he met Rich Pinskey and was able to present him with a check for over $500.00. Knowing he was able to contribute to a cause that benefited the heroes he loves meant everything. He was given the day off from school to attend the Chicago Fire Academy's Open House honoring EMS Week and watched so many amazing emergency responders receive awards given by survivors. Talon also holds his own 9-11 Memorial every year to a growing crowd in his hometown of Kingston, IL. He speaks from his heart about the events from that day and then has everyone join him in a salute under the flag. When I asked him why he does it he says, "It's about respect, we can't let people forget, Mom". On 9-11-16, Talon was invited to stand with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago, and all the CHiefs and Firefighters gathered at Station 42 in Chicago during their Salute for their 9-11 Memorial. He took that opportunity seriously and wore his Dress Blues. It was pretty emotional just being his Mom standing there watching and knowing that he is who he is because of all of these amazing people surrounding him, who inspire him on so many levels, who take him seriously and treat him like he is one of them.

Talon's dream is to be rescued on Chicago Fire, and ultimately become a real firefighter in a big city. He's so committed to his hopes and dreams and honoring his heroes. He is 100% all heart and determination. He will tell you straight up that he was born to save lives and we don't doubt it for a second!


-Janeen Sarto Joynt



Hotline: 773-218-1038

Ignite The Spirit
6400 N Northwest Hwy. Unit 402
Chgo. IL. 60631